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You don’t build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them.

Walt Disney

Meridian Limo Is A Broker Company That Connects Passengers With The Best Independent Chauffeurs And Affiliates.


Our history


Our first Steps.

We create Meridian Limo with the goal to provide ground transportation for the Stamford CT area, to and from New York City, JFK, LGA, & EWR airport. With only one car (06’ Lincoln Town Car), Cesar was driving all day, while Laura Answer the Phone & Emails from home. One of the first challenges was to supply the increasing demand with more vehicles and chauffeurs. That was a big challenge for us, but we found the solution that will shape our business in the future. The budget is tight, but creativity is free. The solution was simple; we look for the safest and reliable independent drivers in the area that share the same values; hard-working people, that naturally understand passenger’s needs, and also know that their families came first.

Coast to Coast.

Business keeps growing not only in Stamford but also from coast to coast. Did we found this new challenge one of our most exciting ones, how to grow from a local service to a coast-to-coast company? We join the NLA (National Limousine Association), and by attending Limousine Conventions we learn that even the biggest limousine company can’t have cars at each location, their solution creating a network of limousine companies. It was our perfect solution, but instead of going with bigger limousine companies, we choose to partner with affiliates that operate small Mom and Dad limo service, just like Us providing dedicated service, understanding that a passenger it is a person with a name and a story and not just an account number.

A Solid Network.

As the transportation competition gets tougher with the arrival of TNC’s (like Uber or Lyft), instead of entering a price war with them sacrificing the quality of service, we decided that our focus must be on creating value for our customers with a better travel experience, more service options and to invest in the latest technologies. We became a broker for mobility services and centralize all booking services from our HQ in Delaware and expand business internationally.

Better & Faster Booking.

We know how busy and rapid change business customer life is, so we make Booking reservations Coast to Coast and internationally even easier. When a VIP personal assistant enters reservations with EZ Book our team will double-check the information to make sure all the information matches perfectly. We listen to what our customers want, and we start with a new Economy Class service. It is the right choice when travel on a limited budget is necessary. Our Customers can save more without sacrificing Safety, or Reliability. Also, we change our Cellphone App. Our customers can check prices, confirm availability, and book on the go, anywhere their travels take them.

On Demand | Tours.

Your Cellphone App will get an “on-demand” button that will allow you to book rides when you need it, just choose the nearest available independent driver and book rides directly from your cellphone app, a few minutes later your car will arrive and take you to your destination safely and with style. With Tours & Concierge Service we will provide new experiences for our customers, who know better where are the hot spots in your city than your local driver? Our reservationist brokers can easily book new travel experiences, restaurant and hotel reservations.

The Covid-19 Pandemic.

This was our first and most serious crisis. We created a financial emergency plan named “Operation Stay Afloat”. During all 2020 we kept only our core team and help independent driver operators on how to negotiate loans, provide essential services, and protect themself from the virus. Also, we assisted other Limousine companies in operating their customer service and the company pay their financial obligations.

A New Era Begins.

While the pandemic was not over, we managed to bounce back better than ever. Our business model based on remote working and global outsourcing of customer services give us a business advantage during pandemic times. While we still waiting during 2021 for Europe and Asia to reopen, we focused on our USA Main Hubs: New York Metro, Connecticut, North Carolina, Florida, California, and Colorado.


Our features

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Mobile App

Exceptional user interface with best-in-class booking, billing, and ride tracking functionality.

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24/7 Phone Service

Our experienced operators are courteous and more helpful than any kind of answering machine.

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Global Service

The World Is Yours and Meridian goes around the world.

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Gold Star Award

Meridian Limo receives the 2015 Gold Star award by LCT People Choice award.