Billing Policy

Meridian Limo is a broker that sells ground transportation reservations on behalf of independently owned and operated transportation vendors for a fee. We offer FLAT OR/AND HOURLY RATES, so what we quote passengers for a flat or/and hourly rate in all  major cities is United States, is guaranteed.

The Price

The price is all inclusive and determined in relation to the service requested; includes 10% Gratuity;  30% Service Transportation Charge (this is our booking & concierge services ); any additional service incurred at the time of traveling like Extra Stops, Wait Time, requested Car Seats, Holiday fees, garage to garage tolls, Parking etc., Traffic parking tickets because passengers explicit instructions will be added at the end of the trip.

Hourly-As Directed Service

Hourly Rate is for a booking that is requested As Directed by the hour, Half Day (6 hours), all-Day (8 Hours), or Full Day (12 Hours) and for a service like Road show or Wait and Return, chargeable on a garage to garage basis with a minimum of 2 Hours when Travel In Town or 3 Hours When travel Out Of Town. For billing purposes we will assign the Base that is most convenient to our customers regardless of the actual vehicle base, billed using same garage for in and out location. At the time of booking we can provide the all inclusive rate for the hourly ride.


New York (Metro Area) Base

LGA | JFK | EWR | Manhattan |Stamford, CT

Garage Time Manhattan, NY

LGA: 60’ | JFK 60’ | EWR 60’ |HPN 60’ | (Arrivals add 15)’

Garage Time Stamford, CT

LGA: 90’ | JFK 90’| EWR 120’ | HPN 60’’ | (Arrivals add 15’)

Garage Time Yonkers, NY

LGA: 60’ | JFK 60’| EWR 90’ | HPN 30’ | (Arrivals add 15’)

San Francisco, CA Base

SFO | San Francisco (Embarcadero)

Garage Time SanFran

SFO: 30’ | OAK:60’ | SJS:60’

Flat Rate Service

This is for trips originally booked as an Airport Arrival, Airport Departure, or Town To Town Transfer.

Major Airport or city Garage near the route

(<10 Miles)

Rate determined by the travel distance between Pick up–Drop Off Location.

Garage Far from the route

(>10 Miles)

Will Add The travel miles between Pick Up & Drop Off, including the nearest garage as a point in relation to the shortest distance to the Route.

  • In Manhattan: There is an option for flat rate for all Airports (LGA, JFK, and EWR) transfers upon request.
  • In Other Countries and destinations: Our System only offer an estimated, due to variations on monetary conversion price may change, After All Charges from our affiliate overseas are converted to US Dollars (USD) the final bill will reflect those charges.



Each time the driver is instructed to stop the car with the purpose of picking or dropping a passenger, luggage or any other good an Extra Stop fee is charged. The additional travel distance and waiting time after the grace period finish will be added.


It’s a traditional and essential part of the limo business that protects the client and ensures chauffeur longevity.

A chauffeur needs to control the vehicle.  When things get too wild, he needs to step in and curb the client’s behavior.  This is a basic safety issue.  When a limo driver thinks he might lose the tip (which is the bulk of his pay), he’ll let the client do anything.  This puts the client and the vehicle at risk.

The nice thing about the built-in gratuity is that clients usually tip a little extra at the end of a run.  In this system the chauffeurs simply make more money.

STC – Service Transportation Charge

It is included in our quotes, STC is a surcharge for our booking and concierge services, including our system, and dispatcher service. The STC is always calculated as a flat percentage of the base rate.


Are included in our fares. The Customer only shall pay all necessary tolls to and from the destination incurred as a change in the pick up. drop off or stop locations.

Meet & Greet – Airport Pick Up Fee with Parking

Airport Arrivals with Meet and Greet will be subject to a standard fee plus any extra airport fee and parking incurred.

Early Morning Late Night Fee

Late night rates apply for trips with Pickup time during late night or early morning.

In general “Lata Night may be between the hours of 11:00 PM and 3:00AM. and “Early Morning” rates apply for Pick Up time between the hours of 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM. (every market area it is different, contact dispatcher to check times).

Car Seats

Drivers of for-hire vehicles and their passengers, in some destinations (GA, HI, IN, MA, MI, NV, NH, NY, OK, OR, VT, VA, WI) are exempt from laws regarding car seats and seat belts.

We encourage everyone in the vehicle to buckle their seat belts while riding in a Vehicle. Passengers with children are encouraged to bring their own car seats or ask for one (only in the second case we will charge a fee for each seat), which the drivers must allow passengers to install.

Sanitation & Damage Fee

Damages to Vehicles or Cleaning and sanitation Fee including but not limited to Alcohol, food, or trash spillage, broken glasses, upholstery rips or replacement, vomit or any interior or exterior damage caused by the Renter or party of the Renter.

Holiday Fee

A holiday fee is charged on trips on New Year, Easter, Memorial, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and Day, and New Year’s Eve.

Wait Time

Grace period is determined by the pick-up location and starts at the scheduled pick-up time.

Domestic Arrival 30 Minutes since Landing.
International Arrival 60 Minutes since Landing
Airport Departure 15 Minutes
Fixed-price transfer 15 Minutes.
Extra Stops 5 Minutes
Flight Diverted

(To a different Airport while in final approach 0r less than 30’)

Executive service Free extra wait 60′ minutes 

(Since landing at the diverted Airport)

If the grace period finishes and the passenger has not arrived, the account also will be charged the Vehicle Hourly Rate for WT-OT (waiting time-over time) In 15 minutes increments. We will attempt to contact the passenger 3 times, if we haven’t heard from the passenger after 20′ for ECONOMY SERVICE or 1 hour for EXECUTIVE service from the scheduled pick-up time we will cancel the ride and charge all applicable fees.


“Our policy is to avoid charging our clients cancellation fees or extra fees where we can, however, there will be some occasions where either our affiliate or we has incurred costs in the provision of a service that is cancelled.”

Sedan and SUV:

In all major cities in United States If a service is cancelled (Unless the Vehicle must be dispatched first) within 2 hours  of the scheduled pick-up time, cancellation fees will apply:

Airport or other fixed-price transfer Full charge + Any wait time and additional cost incurred
Hourly-As directed service cancelled prior Dispatching Vehicle 100% of the booked service cost based on hours.
Hourly-As directed service cancelled Vehicle Dispatched /en-route 100% of the booked service cost based on hours. 


Stretch, Van, And Coach Vehicle, Special Events, or all rides on small towns or outside United States service bookings:

The Minimum Cancellation time is 72 hours. Different cancellation terms apply and can vary by location – Need to confirm with at the time of booking.

Sedan Economy X: 

The Minimum Cancellation time is 72 hours. Different cancellation terms apply and can vary by location – Need to confirm with at the time of booking. Time and Date modification are not allowed, for any cancellation with more than 72 hours there is non refundable Fee (Look x Base Non Refundable).

Important: All cancellations with less than 24 hours must be made over the phone, (Sending Us just an email cancellation notice it is not a valid form).