Become a Professional Driver.

Why to Join Meridian Limo Network? When you Make more Money per trip, means your vehicle suffer less and you have more time and money to spend with your loves ones. Meridian Limo connects professional independent drivers with business travelers passengers who request rides through our Meridian Limo network.


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Learn why professional drivers make more money per trip. Follow This basic recommendations and complete the test.

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Tell us about yourself and your Vehicles. Requirements vary by region, check requirements for Livery or Ride-share with your city.

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Send documents

With the On-Line Application you will upload a pictures of your Insurance , Registration, Driver’s License, a Selfie, and pictures of your Vehicle.

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Get the app

Download the app “Driverlogon” or click the link on this page. Log in with Company ID: “meridanlimo”, and Sign in with your credentials.

Learn How to use the App

Always keep your phone charging to avoid your cellphone app to drain your battery. when want to show passengers you are available simply log in, and start your shift.

Be Your Boss

Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be.

Daniel J. Boorstin

Your Price.

You are in control of the price getting paid for each ride. Choose your own price and commission better works for you.

Our Standards, Your Way.

If you like to provide services as an Economy or Executive Driver, it is your choice. We will match you accordingly with riders expectations.

Grow Your Business.

Like sales? Ask how to became an “independent Sales Agent” for Meridian Limo and Make money even when you are not driving.

Phone Support.

Easier interaction with riders. You have the support of one of answering service dispatcher 24/7.