Driver App

 How TO Log In – First Time

 How To Acept A Bid Job

How To Accept A Direct Job 

How To Start And Change Status 


  • I pressed “START” but notting happens.
  1. Before you can start the job you need to acknowledge the requirement, read the special requirements and press the red button “Acknowledge”.
  2. Make sure you do not have any open trip, look on the top left corner if any ONGOING JOPB it is pending for closing.


  • I was doing a job and the trip disappears form the app.
  1. Once you start the trip the system moves the info from” FUTURE RESERVATIONS” to “ONGOING JOB”. Look at the top left corner.


  • I do not get live notifications of new job offerings.
  1. Delete the app and download it again, make sure to accept notifications and allow to share location.


  • Others driver appears to get job faster the me.
  1. Your internet connection may be slow or interrupted, try to connect to wi-fi, update your cellphone.